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Dance Your Soul Free!

And JourneyDance™

For non-dancers and dancers alike, this is not what you think of dance class! My students have ranged in age from 11 to 83, have been all shapes and sizes, have danced before, or only in their living rooms, or not at all, and they keep coming back! This is for every BODY! No experience is needed, nor is an ability to follow someone else's steps or to know your right from your left.

Discover the joys of moving the body, even if you never thought of yourself as a "dancer," you truly are! A movement experience like no other, this is one of those great rivers that leads us back into our bodies and rejuvenates us with the vital energy of life, rooted while soaring. For some it's therapeutic and healing, for others it's spiritual, or a community connection, a great workout, cathartic and transformative, or a source to creativity.

Whatever it is for you, it's designed to move your body and stir your soul. And when the soul, heart, and body meet, you find that the chatter of the mind naturally quiets, the chaos of the world falls away, moods shift, breath deepens, stress dissolves, and we experience release, balance, clarity, and oneness.

Safe and softly lit space, conscious facilitation, and up to 15 diverse pieces of great music, are the midwives to assist the birth of your inner dance. There you'll find your inhibition and self-consciousness replaced by self-expression.

Classes begin in a simple circle to create intention. Then the moving meditation practice begins, activating the body. As explorers, we discover its movement, awakening inner stories. Through focused attention and open awareness, you'll listen and respond along your journey, discovering how your authentic dance unfolds in the movement of the moment.

Then we dive into a progression of energy and dynamics in a rhythm wave, exploring moving mantras and dance rituals. There you may find how the dance that you are can be inspired by the music, and supported by your own breath and the dancers in our circle; how to express and move your energy, free yourself from ordinary patterning, and unleash your heart's passion. Always we dance in partnership -- with oneself, with one other, or as a tribe.

Each session closes with reflection in circle, with optional art-making or journaling.

I invite you to journey across your common threshold to meet your tribal self. Dance on the edge, move and be moved. Catch the waves of bliss and ride them on in to your heart!

Often offered as a 2 to 3 hour workshop, or a weekly series of one-and-a-half or 2-hour classes. Welcome all adults only; teens with permission. Wear comfortable clothes, dress in layers (for changing temperatures like from sitting still or moving lots), bring a water bottle, indoor-only dance shoes or slippers if you can't dance barefoot, and a blanket or towel or yoga mat to make the floor more comfortable if a stretch component is being offered.

Barbara is a lifelong dance explorer. As a professional hand-drummer and rhythmist, her dancer's path has brought her to many influential teachers, including Reinhardt Flatishler, Gabrielle Roth, Daphne Lowell, Becky Nordstrom, Art Bridgeman and Myrna Packard, Nancy Dionne, Susan Schell, and most recently JourneyDance creator Toni Bergins. Barbara has been leading these tribal dance sessions since 1995, and brings to her teaching a wealth of experiences from a full range of dance, movement, rhythm, and BodyMind studies.



Ecstatic Trance Dance

"How grateful I am for the dance sessions. They were incredibly uplifting experiences for me. The candlelight poses we did at the end were so magical and connective. When you gave thanks for the dancers in our circle, I truly felt YES! I am a dancer! Thank you for giving the gift of your spirit and passion in sharing this with us. Any Spring or Summer sessions?!"
—Female Participant

"It's a fantastic world you've given me a glimpse into."
—Male Participant / Postal Employee

"Thanks so much for bringing your talent and joyful, creative spirit to the dance floor."
—Female Participant / Artist / Mother

"I am grateful for the dance, your insight and teaching."
—Male Participant / Business Owner

"What a wonderful refuge your dance class is!"
—Female Participant / Business Owner

"Thank you for bringing dance and rhythm and ritual into my life in such a wonderful way. You are a most gifted teacher."
—Female Participant / School Librarian

"It was so nice to be in your wonderful workshop. Here's my check and registration for the one next month."
—Female Participant / Senior Citizen

"I've been noticing how what we learn in the dance, connects to my everyday life."
—Female Participant / Massage Therapist

"I love how you masterfully create a sense of community, and make everyone feel safe."
—Female Participant / Integrative Body Worker

"I need this for ME! My body, my spirit, my soul! So healing."
—Female Participant / Physical Therapist

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